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Industrial Security Services

industrial security services

Brigade Security offers industrial security services and commercial security services in Bangalore and Karnataka.  Security guard services for factories, Industries and SEZs to protect machinery, products, assets and people from theft and unscrupulous elements in society.

Our guards monitor the movement of raw materials and finished goods and ensure security of goods. We also monitor movement of employees, vendors, laborers etc… and make a record of all the movements.

Fire security is most important in factories to prevent fire accidents because of short circuits or any other reasons. Our industrial security guards are fully trained to contain and exhaust the fires using firefighting equipment. In case of any emergencies, we report to the respective authorities and try to contain the damages and bring the situation under control.

In factories, stocks of raw materials, machinery parts, unfinished goods and finished goods are biggest assets. So our industrial security guards play an important role in protecting all the goods.  Our security guards secure the entry and exit points of vehicles and monitor their movement along with parking areas. Our guards make a note of all the vehicle numbers for future security needs.

Remote Surveillance Industrial Security Services :

Factories are huge places. So for effective security, remote surveillance is very important for the security of the factory and its assets. We monitor the live footage of security cameras fixed in the industry or factory premises to detect and prevent any untoward incidents.

We also install access control systems which are either biometrics or smart card based systems in controlling the entry and exit points in the factory premises. Also where needed we can deploy vehicle barriers that are controlled electronically that scan payment codes and automatically allow entry and exit of vehicles.

Our industrial security guards also enforce social distancing and make sure people enter the factory premises with masks on. They sanitise the people hands with sanitisers and check their temperatures before allowing them inside factory premises to prevent covid virus spread.

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